About Me

IMG_4457My name is Blair Halver.  Among other things, I’m a follower of The Way, husband, father, sound mixer, entrepreneur.

I’m a work in progress.  This blog is part of that process.  You’ll see an article category called “Idea Lists”.  These are lists of ideas, mostly bad, that I write on a daily basis in order to grow my “idea muscle.”  If you’re unfamiliar with this practice, read James Altucher’s book, The Choose Yourself Guide To Wealth.

I used to call myself a serial entrepreneur.  But now I realize that the word serial means it happens in a series.  I can’t really say that because I’m usually trying to start more than one business at a time… until now…

My focus right now, in terms of my entrepreneurial pursuits, is RealitySoundSchool.com.  I’ve had some early success with it so far.  And by “success”, I mean that I have helped a good handful of students achieve some significant results in their life and their career.  And for that I’m very grateful, and also excited for the future of what I can do with this thing and how many peoples’ lives I can impact.