Client Results & Testimonials
Dawn & Jim from Salem, OR
Multiple deals signed up in the first few months
Chris from Atlanta, GA
$29k check within 30 days of joining

Sheldon from Northern NJ
$50k deal in the first two weeks:

Steve from Erie, PA
Totally systemized his business

Preston from St. Joseph, MO
From tired landlord to $10k cash in hand, plus better cashflow:
Jenna from Plano, TX
Just signed up her first subject-to deal

Amy from Columbus, OH
Just got her first subject-to deal!

Kramon & Carolina from Lafayette, LA
Signed up 6 deals in the first 4 months of working with us
Sophia from Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Highly recommended!

Kevin from Pennsylvania
Just made $5k from a deal he would've normally said no to
Tom from Denver, CO
Building his business while working a full-time job
Leo from Lexington, KY
Just follow the system and watch what happens!
Dave from Phoenix, AZ
Better than any program he's ever done, and he's done a lot!
Randy from Ft Myers, FL
Follow the system, it works!

Trey from San Antonio, TX
First deal within 3 weeks!

Kevin from Pennsylvania
Two deals in the first 6 weeks, with more in the pipe:
Nicole from Houston, TX
7 weeks in, will net $30k-50k and get $340/mo cash flow:
Chris from Portland, OR
$10 in revenue for $1 spent on marketing:
Carolina from Lafayette, LA
First deal in the first month will net $14k+...
Chris from Atlanta, GA
2 wks in, gets a $40k deal under contract
Rolph from Boston, MA
Only been in RE 6 months and already has his very first deal under contract.
Leauna from Atlanta, GA
Brand new to the business and just got her first $15k payday!

Dan DeLeo, Raleigh, NC

I am a Dealbot Pipeline participant and prior to this had been a Dealbot marketing client. I want to take a moment to share my experience and share why I am confident that the Pipeline program is a tremendous investment for other real estate entrepreneurs. 

As background, I have been investing in real estate for about seven years, four years full time. I have done dozens of deals as first a wholesaler and now a rehabber and buy and hold investor. All but one of the deals I have done were cash deals as this was all I knew. 

While I’d consider myself successful to date including a reasonable “on the job” education and a good project management system in place, I knew I needed to invest in education and in a partnership that allowed me to increase my deal flow.

I saw a FB ad this past summer for Dealbot and, as I typically do, I went to the website to do some homework. Dealbot promised to immediately increase my deal flow through their marketing system or ‘machine.’ What I immediately liked was the following:

- This marketing program was specifically tailored to real estate investors like myself
- Blair, the owner of Dealbot, and his team were real estate investors like me (not just sideline coaches)
- The program was scalable. Meaning, I could start with a certain territory focus and expand as I was ready
- The system was multi-faceted. There were various approaches Dealbot offered to target my audience

I scheduled an onboarding call with one of Blair’s associates, Darren. The discussions went very well. Darren was knowledgeable (because he was an investor himself) but not pushy. The pricing was fair and again, the system was scalable.

So I came onboard. The system was setup quickly over a matter of days. Over the two months that I was on the Dealbot system I received roughly 50 leads that I otherwise would not have ever had! 

I quickly had two deals and others in the pipeline that are in the process of closing! I want to reiterate: I NEVER WOULD HAVE HAD THESE DEALS WITHOUT DEALBOT. Beyond this, Blair and Darren were both accessible and responsive. 

A fear of mine was that I’d pay a marketing company, they’d onboard me and then disappear. 

This was NOT the case! The support has been great.

As timing would have it about two months into my relationship with Dealbot Blair reached out regarding his concept of the Pipeline program: Done WITH you not FOR you. 

To be honest, at first I was hesitant. I liked the idea of a hands off approach. However, upon discussion with Blair I realized that this program would allow me COMPLETE CONTROL of my marketing future (and cost). Beyond this I already knew that Blair had a great program meaning he had the knowledge and system to pass along making the investment worthwhile.

It turns out that even this high expectation was blown away. The Pipeline program is a comprehensive, detailed, thorough and well-developed system to dominate your real estate market by strategically attacking leads from both inbound and outbound angles. 

From a lead generation system and a focus on automation over man hours to call scripts, contracts and more the system has it all. I mentioned earlier that I have always been a cash buyer; well, now my toolbox includes owner financing, lease-options and more! 

These tools allow me to take advantage of deals I would’ve simply passed on before Dealbot. Best of all though the Pipeline program continues to have human contact through regular calls, emails and communication with Blair and his team.

The Pipeline system focuses on DEALS. These deals can come in many shapes, sizes and styles but if you’re serious about growing your business you need action right? The Pipeline program provides that! 

No longer am I seeking a property, renovating a property then starting at scratch to seek another. The deals are flowing while I work, while I sleep and while I play; it’s awesome!

If you’re serious about growing your business I would strongly suggest the Dealbot Pipeline program; it will be a game changer!

-Dan DeLeo
Owner, Lion Properties

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This website is not a part of Facebook or Facebook Inc. Additionally, this site is NOT endorsed by Facebook in any way. FACEBOOk is a trademark of Facebook Inc.