Real Estate Secret: How Tim Lands 4 Extra Real Estate Deals Per Month
Written by Blair Halver
Are you ready to grow your real estate business, but just can't seem to find the right deals fast enough?

Do you spend countless hours on lead generation efforts only to see a trickle of potential deals as a result?

Don't you wish you could focus on running your business while the deals come running right to you?

You sound a lot like a guy we know—let's call him Tim. You see, Tim was struggling with a stagnant real estate business just a short time ago. Tim's doing a lot better today, and here's the quick story of how he turned things around.
So Much Marketing, So Little Time
If you asked Tim's family and friends, he was doing pretty well, and in truth Tim couldn't complain. He had flipped a few houses for a nice profit, kept a few more for some steady income, and was slowly expanding his budding real estate empire.

Slow wasn't the kind of success Tim was looking for, though. He had the know-how and the cashflow to take on more properties and grow even faster, but finding profitable deals was a huge time drain. He knew they were out there, but it took TONS of marketing time to bring the leads his way.

And time was something Tim, like most real estate investors, didn't have a whole lot of.

He spent most days drowning in work. Everything from managing his existing properties, overseeing renovations, to pursuing and closing the deals. Add to that, he still had to do all the other business management tasks that come with this "passive" income stream. There just weren't enough hours left in the day for the pile of marketing tasks Tim knew he had to do if he wanted to consistently bring in the best leads.

His current business was getting in the way of his business growth. He needed a way to automate his lead generation so he could focus on growing his real estate holdings.

That's when Tim met DealBot.
What DealBot Isn't
If you've been in the real estate game for more than five minutes, you've heard the tall claims from "RE gurus" selling you more deals than you can handle. They promise a lot, but rarely deliver. Let's not leave out the hefty cut they take when you do manage to strike a deal.

DealBot isn't an agency or listing service. We're not a "bird dog," a wholesaler, or a big-time franchise. We don't take a percentage of your sales, your portfolio, or your profits. DealBot doesn't buy or sell homes in any way—we're not a middleman, period.

DealBot also isn't a complex suite of marketing tools you have to manage. We don't provide an endless stream of materials with "secrets" to real estate success. Nor do we hold semi-annual seminars that cost thousands to attend. You know how to buy real estate, and you know a good deal when you see one. So we're not interested in selling you a "method" or "program."

What we do is much simpler.

And it works.
DealBot Proprietary Lead Gen System Keeps You Closing
Imagine a steady stream of equity-positive homeowners in your chosen area. And they have already expressed an interest in selling their home TO YOU just waiting for you to reach out and close the deal.

Now imagine you can get that without managing—or even purchasing—a single mailing list. Without the time involved in running a CPC campaign and paying Google $20 for every click. Without throwing away efforts on content marketing, MLS scouring, and worst of all...cold calling.

DealBot uses a proprietary search system to identify the best possible properties and homeowners for you to target. We look for adequate equity to provide some flexibility in the purchase price. We focus on absentee owners who tend to be more motivated to sell—and who are more able to close quickly.

Our system searches properties in your selected zip code to start compiling the most likely prospects. That way, your lead generation efforts start off stronger than anything else out there.

But that's just the beginning.

DealBot doesn't deliver a list of prospects. It generates real leads by implementing a marketing campaign that targets the identified prospects. Only homeowners that respond to this marketing campaign with signs of positive interest qualify as leads. Basically, raising their hands and saying they're ready to sell.

Once they've jumped through a few hoops to show their interest in selling their home specifically to YOU, we pass on the lead and the rest is up to you.
How Tim Transformed His Real Estate Business with DealBot
Tim quickly learned that DealBot was just as simple as promised. All it takes is a few clicks to set up an account and start receiving leads that drill down to the zip code(s). DealBot only works with one client per zip code, so you're not competing with anyone when it comes to closing the deal. These are your leads and no one else's.

Now, Tim has it easy. He looks at his leads from DealBot, makes quick contact with interested sellers who already know who he is, and closes more deals. No more hassling with hunting down new leads through ever-evolving marketing efforts.

An average of about one extra deal every single week.

And Tim's pretty happy about it.

That's the power of identifying prospects and approaching sellers before they've listed their home. Through its proprietary formula, DealBot finds sellers who want to sell fast but don't even know it and puts them right at Tim's fingertips.

What would closing an additional deal a week mean to your real estate business?

What would eliminating marketing tasks from your schedule mean for your properties? Your tenants? Your family?

It will mean you working less, making more, and stressing less. If that’s what you want then go here and get DealBot today!

Blair Halver

Blair is a real estate investor and avid marketer, coming up under the greats: Dan Kennedy, Ron LeGrand, Russell Brunson, and more. He has personally managed a spend of over one million dollars and generated more than 85,000 motivated seller leads for him and his clients. 

Blair is a husband, father of two, and a follower of The Way.
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This website is not a part of Facebook or Facebook Inc. Additionally, this site is NOT endorsed by Facebook in any way. FACEBOOk is a trademark of Facebook Inc.