How We Generated 296 Inbound Seller Leads in 30 Days
Written by Blair Halver
I was just looking over some stats from a new client's campaign and realized we've created some pretty amazing results for him...
As you can see, this is a screenshot of one of our clients' dashboard for dates May 11 through June 11, 2016. The different colored lines on the graph represent the number of inbound phone calls by day, based on which campaign they came from.  

People always ask how we get such results for our clients, so I wanted to share some more information about it here, and explain our motivated seller lead generation philosophy...
Leads On-Demand
The number one thing investors need to realize is that all of their marketing should create an immediate response, "on-demand". This is called "direct response" marketing, and the goal is exactly as it sounds - to generate an immediate and direct response.  

Contrast that with what you might call "branding" or "image advertising", which caters more to the investor's ego than his bottom line.  

So all the campaigns we ran for this client were 100% focused on generating an immediate response. We don't wait for the prospect to respond after 7 "touches" or whatever the statistic is. We get them to respond NOW.  
Build Your House On Rock, Not Sand
Another very important thing we did for this client was to create a "multi-pillar" lead generation strategy. The last thing we want to do is set this client up on shaky ground by relying too much on one source of leads.  

When you're relying solely on one source of leads, and that one source stops working (as they do from time to time), then your whole business suffers.  

Leads are the precursor for your entire house flipping business. It is the single greatest determinant of the volume you end up doing in a year.  

You can see in the screenshot of the dashboard above that we setup 7 different sources of leads for this client, both online and offline.  
Everything you do with your marketing has to be trackable.  

For this client, we setup a different inbound path for every source of leads so we can track which campaigns are getting not just the best CPL, but the best ROI overall.  

If you're using the same phone number or same landing page in all of your marketing, you'll never really know what's working, and where to shift more marketing dollars to get a greater return.
Phone Leads Over Web Leads
This might upset all these "internet marketers" and real estate investor website companies, but our experience with this client and others has taught us that inbound phone leads are WAY better than web form leads.  

My theory on this is that when a person picks up a phone and dials a number with a desire to actually TALK to someone on the other end, they've self-selected as a more motivated prospect than the typical person who searches "buy my house now" and fills out a web form on some website.  

With phone leads you get a higher quality lead. With web form submissions you get a lower quality lead.  

Now, I'm not saying don't do any internet marketing. I'm saying when you do, focus more on getting the person to call or text you, as opposed to filling out a web form.
Pre-Screen the Leads
One more note about phone leads - you really want to route all your inbound calls directly to a pre-recorded message or voicemail box. If you have the calls ringing your cell phone all day and all night, you're never going to get any deals done because you'll constantly be interrupted.  

Plus, you need a systematic way to screen these leads BEFORE you spend time on the phone with them. That's what the pre-recorded message is for.  
Properly Timed
Another important thing we considered while running campaigns for this client and others is the TIMING of the lead flow.  

The goal is to have a spike of leads at the beginning of the work week, which then stays consistent throughout the week, before tapering off on Friday.  

The reason for this is that you don't want a weekend to take place between the time the lead first calls in and the point of your initial contact with that lead. So leads come in early in the week and you have the rest of the work week to follow up with them and work them.

The other thing you might notice in the screenshot above is that there was a slow down in lead flow right around the first of June. This is because the Memorial Day holiday fell on May 30 this year, and we paused a number of the campaigns for the client during that week.

We paused them during Memorial Day for a couple reasons:
1. The client wanted to take some time off that week.  
2. Response rate is usually lower during holiday weeks, which in turn increases Cost Per Lead (CPL).
Systematized & Automated for Consistency
I mentioned earlier the importance of building your business on rock instead of sand, and another way we do that is by systematizing and automating these campaigns to create a certain level of CONSISTENCY.

This is key. Because our client knows he's going to spend $X on marketing this month, and get Y number of leads, and Z number of deals.

This is how we created a sort of "machine" for this client...
ROI Is All That Matters
When you can put a dollar into a machine and get two, or three, or five dollars out, how many dollars would you put into that machine?  

That's how you need to look at your marketing. And the way you do that most easily is by knowing just TWO KPI's:

1. Cost Per Lead
2. Earnings Per Lead

As long as your Earnings Per Lead is greater than your Cost Per Lead, then you're done. Game over. That's all there is. Time to scale as big as you can.  

So our job for this client was to get his Cost Per Lead as low as possible.  

That way all he has to focus on is getting his Earnings Per Lead as high as possible. 

When you have one person splitting his focus between lowering CPL and increasing EPL, you get diminished results. 

However, when you have two parties working together, one focusing on CPL, the other focusing on EPL, everybody wins.  
How To Get Similar Results
So we've looked at what we did for this client, and the results we got for him.  

You're probably wondering how you can get the same results.  

Well, one option is to hire you're own in-house marketing director. This might be a good option for some of you reading this, however, this option is normally very costly and time-consuming.  

Not only do you have to go through the whole hiring process to find the right person for your team, but you also have to train them, and give them time and resources for them to get up to speed and figure all this stuff out.  

Or another option, which is very similar, but much smarter, is to simply outsource it.  

Why hire your own in-house marketing director for a sizable salary each month, when you can basically hire an "outsourced marketing director"?  

Especially when this outsourced marketing director is already up to speed with proven campaigns, and will cost you less than half of what somebody in-house would cost you.  

It just makes sense, right?  

Now, if that makes good sense to you, I'd like to make you an offer...
Your Next Step...
Let's talk.  

Let's get on the phone, discuss your specific situation, your goals, your challenges, and see if Dealbot can become an integral part of growing your real estate investing business.  

Here's the catch...
- We only work with one client in each market. So our exclusive client roster is limited. That way we can ensure the highest level of service for our clients.

- We cater specifically to experienced real estate investors who already have a team in place and are already spending money on marketing. That way we can be sure to get INCREDIBLE results for our clients.

- We only work with positive, professional investors. Life's too short to deal with unpleasant people. So we simply choose not to do so.

If that's you...
So if that sounds like you, and you'd like to discuss how we can come alongside you to focus on your lead generation while you focus on doing deals, please click the link below to request a phone call.  

On the call we'll get all your questions answered, learn about your business, and then we'll be able to give you some real numbers for your market in terms of cost and results.  

Just go to to request a phone call right now before your local competitor takes the zip codes you really want.  

Thanks for checking this out. I hope to hear from you soon.

Blair Halver

Blair is a real estate investor and avid marketer, coming up under the greats: Dan Kennedy, Ron LeGrand, Russell Brunson, and more. He has personally managed a spend of over one million dollars and generated more than 85,000 motivated seller leads for him and his clients. 

Blair is a husband, father of two, and a follower of The Way.
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